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Looking for a watercolor tattoo artist near me in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma or Louisiana?

Many of my tattoo clients travel from Austin, Houston, and Dallas TX.

I also work in a variety of other styles including: Watercolor Tattoo, Trash Polka Tattoo and Color Realism

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Watercolor Tattoo Artist

I became a watercolor tattoo artist 8 years ago when it was just starting to gain popularity. Since then I’ve evolved in my personal style to color realism, trash polka and abstract tattoo art. I also do galaxy tattoos or universe tattoos. 

For me watercolor tattoo art is more expressive than the traditional tattoo style. And because of that it makes it more fun to do. I love hearing your ideas and turning them into a your next tattoo. 

Many people ask about watercolor tattoos longevity. Because I am using the same techniques I’ve learned over many years, high quality materials, and saturation level as any other tattoo then your tattoo will last as long as any other tattoo. I wrote an article about “how long do watercolor tattoos last?

The art of Joel Wright includes watercolor paintings, oil paintings and charcoal drawings. 

One Style of tattoo I have really started to enjoy doing is trash polka style. I started taking appointments for Trash Polka a few years ago. I love it, its very fun.

Tattoos I Want to Do

Occasionally, I design tattoos that I want to do. I will only do them one time on one person! That person can be you. 

The tattoo is full price, however, because I designed it the way I want to do the tattoo, then you don’t have to pay for the time I spend designing it!

If you’d like to see the list of tattoos I want to do, just click the button bellow!

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