About Joel Wright

EXPERIENCE: Tattooing Painting Instruction Yoga

  • A professional working artist of 20 years
  • 20 Years of Tattoo Experience
  • Art Instructor for 5 Years
  • Yoga instructor since 2019 
  • Qigong instructor since 2016
  • Meditation since 2012

The Creative Way with Joel Wright

Joel Wright is a self taught artist that finds the creative process to be transformative. He has studied from old master oil painting techniques as well as contemporary expressionists alike. He seeks fusion and balance with both representational artwork and more expressive abstract art and nonrepresentational artwork. He takes inspiration from surrealism and that is present in his artwork. 

The energy and central message of Joel’s work is sourced from the natural way or the path without force. Taoism philosophy is the undertone of all of Joel’s artwork. You will find flowing movement, symphonic juxtaposition and balanced forms and space.

Tattooing is a large part of Joel’s work. For 20 years he has worked as a professional full time tattoo artists. In 2002 he started working as a watercolor tattoo artist and has evolved in style from there. 

Although Joel works in many mediums, he enjoys teaching watercolor art classes online with drawing courses as well because they are most assessable and portable.  

Joel teaches yoga with singing bowl sound bath therapy, meditation classes, and qigong as a way to increase energy, creative inspiration, and the ability to transform the inner self. He see this as an essential additional layer to art and creativity.