About Joel Wright

Welcome to my space! I'm thrilled to have you here.

As you journey through this shop, you'll discover the details of my artistry, from my original paintings, prints and artistic tattoos I've crafted over two and a half decades. Beyond showcasing my work, 

I'm also excited to connect with you on social media and share insights from my art mentoring sessions. Again, you a welcome to explore. Let's get creative!

Nice to meet you!

The Art of Joel Wright

Discover the Artistic Journey:

From the canvas to the skin, my passion for art takes on many forms. Whether you're here to admire, learn, or get inked, there's something for every art enthusiast. Explore the facets of my craft below:

  • Original Paintings: Dive into a world where abstract art meets classical realism. My paintings are a unique fusion of styles and inspiration, capturing the essence of both worlds.
  • Prints: I pride myself on offering a range of prints, each one capturing a moment of artistic expression. Printed on the finest quality materials, they're a testament to my commitment to excellence.
  • Tattoos: My tattoos are more than just ink on skin; they're pieces of art. From the fluidity of watercolor to the edgy vibes of trash polka and the lifelike details of realism, each tattoo tells a story.
  • Art Mentoring: My mission is to empower artists to unlock their full potential. Through my mentoring sessions, I guide artists on their journey to become more creative and successful in their craft.
  • Digital Presence: Stay connected and get inspired! Check out my YouTube channel and podcast, where I delve deeper into the world of art, share insights, and connect with artists and art enthusiasts.