Joel Wright

Welcome to my space! I'm thrilled to you are here.

Here you'll discover the details of my artistry, from my original paintings, prints and artistic tattoos I've crafted over two and a half decades.

Beyond showcasing my work, I'm also excited to connect with you on social media and share insights from my art mentoring sessions. Let's get creative!

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Joel Wright

Artist's Bio

texas based artist

Self Taught - Passion Driven

  • Location: Texas Artist
  • Style: Fusion of Classical Realism & Abstraction -  Surrealism
  • Materials: Natural - Oil Paints, Watercolors, Charcoal, Graphite
  • Artistic Approach: Self-Taught, Passion Driven
  • Joel Wright's artistic journey is a tapestry woven with threads of curiosity and exploration. From a young age Joel confused art with magic, Joel’s love for painting materialized at 16, navigating realms of self-taught passion.

    His versatile style fuses classical realism with abstraction, manifesting in a contemporary body of work that speaks in varied techniques and natural materials. Joel hand crafts narratives using oil paints, watercolors, charcoal and graphite, each piece narrating stories from the shadows of the soul and the vast landscapes of creativity.

  • Inspiration SourceCreative Space & Unconscious Mind
  • Commission StatusOriginal Art Only
  • Joel’s work embodies stories waiting to connect with observers, reflections of narratives that resonate with individual tales and experiences. Each creation is a passage through inspiration and the raw, intuitive territories of the artistic spirit.

  • PhilosophyArt that Resonates with the Principles
  • ConnectionShared Vision and Stories
  • Joel invites you on a journey through his world, where each piece is a unique exploration, a story told in the universal language of creativity and inspiration. Join in the experience of art that vibrates with authentic expression and the depths of imaginative exploration.

    Composition: Expressive Figure and Portraits, Abstract Landscapes and Cityscapes, Classical Still Life, Wildlife

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    Joel Wright

    Artist's Statement

    revealing the depths of creativity and the mysteries of artistic expression

    "a contemporary fusion of classical realism and abstraction"

    In my art my principles and philosophies are intertwined. I'm focused on the transformation from shadows of doubt to producing one’s best work. It’s a direct reflection of authenticity and continuous evolution. I strive for inspiring an intuitive approach to creativity. My style is a fusion of classical realism and abstraction that celebrates adaptability and exploration beyond traditional boundaries.

    My work is more than artistic expression; it is a commitment to a lifestyle where art is profoundly integrated into daily existence. It champions continuous learning, sustainability, and the nurturing of personal growth and well-being, emphasizing the significance of internal observation and listening in the creative process.

    In every piece, there is a journey of exploration and discovery, revealing the depths of creativity and the mysteries of artistic expression. My art stands as a product of transformative and the power of creativity in personal development and life experiences.

    Greek Goddess Portrait Oil on Linen

    Principles of the Masterpiece Mindset

    View yourself and your art as evolving masterpieces, constantly in a state of growth and refinement.

    • Thinking for Yourself: Carve your own artistic path, unswayed by fleeting trends or external pressures
    • Believing in Yourself: Trust in your unique vision and the value of your creative voice.
    • Doing What You Want: Embrace artistic freedom, allowing your passions to guide your creations.
    • Being True to Yourself: Prioritize authenticity over popularity, ensuring your art remains a genuine reflection of your soul.
    • Finding Value in Your Work: Knowing that your work is valuable beyond any monetary appraisal.

    from Shadows of doubt to doing your best work

    Transform self-doubt into a catalyst for creating your finest work.

    • Listening to Your Intuition: Your inner voice is your most genuine guide, leading you to authentic creations.
    • Applying Creativity to Self: Your life is the canvas, and every action, a brushstroke in your evolving story.
    • Feeding Yourself Inspiration: Continuously nourish your creative soul, seeking inspiration in the world around you.
    • Becoming Adaptable & Versatile: Embrace change and experimentation, allowing your art to evolve with you.
    • Exploring New Things: Venture into the unfamiliar, expanding your artistic horizons.
    • Get Caught in the Present Moment: Finding timelessness in the creative process free from personal history or future uncertainty

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