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tattoos - I want to do

Here you will find all of the Tattoos I Want To Do!

“Tattoos I want to do” are a collection of designs that I have created because I really do want to do these tattoos. 

I like to create these because it gives a person the chance to visualize what their tattoo will look like that may not normally be able to express what they want. 

I have no creative obstacles in creating these and that is what makes it fun for me.

Though these are “tattoos I want to do” that does not imply that I don’t want to tattoo your ideas. You can always contact me to have your idea materialized.  

The first question I usually get is what is the cost? Each of these custom tattoo designs are completed at standard rates. You do not have to pay a design cost though because its already created!   

Look through the designs below, have fun and if you want, book your custom tattoo appointment!

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  • hummingbird watercolor tattoo design

    Hummingbird Custom Design – Appointment Deposit

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