Tattoos I Want To Do

tattoos - I want to do

Here you will find all of the Tattoos I Want To Do!

1. Hummingbird Tattoo Design- Feb 2020

hummingbird tattoo design

2. Great Horned Owl Tattoo Design- Feb 2020

great horned owl tattoo design

2. Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design- Feb 2020

cherry blossom sleeve tattoo

Tattoos I want to do are a collection of designs that I have created that you can select from. I like to create these because it gives a person the chance to visualize what their tattoo will look like. I have no creative obstacles in creating these and that is what makes it fun for me. 

The first question I usually get is what is the cost? Each of the tattoos I want to do are a flat rate depending on size. Usually from $400 – $700 but could be higher because it depends on size. Any one of them could be a a wrist tattoo or a full back piece.  

The larger it gets the more time it takes and the higher the cost obviously.  

The tattoos I want to do are meant to be less expensive than my hourly rate because I want to do them. But alas, they are not free.

The tattoos I want list to do will only be done once by me! If you can’t checkout for any one of them it most likely means someone else already has. So don’t delay. 

You can request what you would like me to design next in comments. I read that and take it into consideration.