Learn How Joel Wright's  Painting Workshops Help You Break Through Creative Limitations.

Painting Workshops: Find Your Creative Direction and Ignite your creativity


Do you want to learn to loosen up more with your abstract art techniques or achieve more realistic techniques?   Is self-doubt and lack of experience holding you back?

Experience a Variety of Painting Workshops Including Monthly Demos, Online Cohorts, In-Person Sessions, and Personalized Mentorships

Introduction: Explore a variety of painting workshops designed to elevate your artistic skills. From monthly demos to in-depth mentorship programs, Joel Wright offers immersive learning experiences tailored to artists at every level."

Monthly Demos: Zoom into the 1.5 to 2 hour monthly demos to enhance your skills with live painting demonstrations with Joel Wright. 

Online Painting Workshops: Participate in our 2-day online cohorts and learn advanced techniques from home. 

In-Person Painting Workshops: Experience immersive 3-day workshops with hands-on guidance and personalized feedback. 

In-Person Painting Mentorship: Join the creative space of Joel's Studio with the 4-day mentorship workshops and bring your own work. 

Pick YOUR Favorite Painting Workshops Format

Monthly Painting Demos

Zoom into the latest monthly painting demonstration inspiration with Joel Wright. Usually happens right before the  start of the 2 day online painting workshops.

The demos are a fun way to see if you like the online approach to learning and feel the creative inspiration flowing.

Online Painting Workshops

Join in online and follow along on a 2 day hyper-focus for online workshops specific topic, technique or approach to color theory and composition. 

Some just watch, learn and take notes and that is not a bad use of time either. Just make sure to try it in your own time as well!

In-Person Painting Workshops

If you thrive in a personal, interactive environment and want to be seen and interact with Joel and the in-person workshops are for you. 

Online learning is NOT for everyone and we love to see smiling faces in the group classes in the real world.

In-Person 4 Day Mentorship Painting Workshops

Bring your own work and create under the guidance of Joel in his studio for the In-Person 4 Day Mentorship. Get mentorship and take your art to the next level in the mentorship painting workshops.

Don't know where to start or have questions?

FAQ is available on each of the painting workshops pages. Or contact us with your questions and we will happy to answer them as soon as possible. 

Balancing Mastery and Freedom to Overcome Artistic Barriers

In my teaching experience in my painting workshops, I see many artists are well-trained but struggle to loosen up, while others are free and experimental but lack foundational skills. My workshops help you find the middle way by combining the discipline of classical training with the creativity of modern techniques.

Whether you're looking to refine your basic techniques or explore advanced methods, our sessions are designed to break you free of limitations to create art aligned with your vision.

Above all, I alway make sure to have a fun, enjoyable and inspiring experience teaching and helping artist's access their highest potential.

  • Loosen Up: Learn to free your artistic expression while maintaining control.
  • Master Art Principles: Gain a strong foundation in essential techniques.
  • Explore Advanced Methods: Get out of your comfort zone with modern and innovative approaches
  • Have Fun: Enjoy a supportive and dynamic learning environment that encourages experimentation and growth.

How Joel's Painting Workshops Help You Grow as an Artist!

In all of the Painting Workshops (online and in-person), growth happens when you’re having fun, experimenting, and feeling supported. Learning new things is less challenging when you’re part of a group, and it feels a lot less intimidating. The friendships we create and the shared laughs and the collective drive to push boundaries make a huge difference.

I've seen it time and again... artists thrive when they're in a nurturing environment. When you feel encouraged and supported, you’re exponentially more likely to succeed and reach new heights in your artistic journey. Let’s grow together, push past limitations, and create amazing art.

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