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The Artistic Method Podcast

Creating the right conditions for your creative breakthrough.

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Hey artists and creatives! Do you want to experience your own creative breakthrough? Fuel your idea engine and get splashed in the face with colorful inspiration by The Artistic Method. I’m Joel Wright and I am obsessed with the creative process and artistic methodology.

The Artistic Method Podcast exists to help artists connect or reconnect to their own visionary purpose to life the creative life.

I will be interviewing my favorite visual artists, creative writers, culinary artists, musicians, web and graphic designers just to name a few. Just because I haven’t listed it doesn’t mean its off limits. 

We want to hear their stories, how they got to where they are and what current projects are being formed.  And if you are a creative and would like to be on I would love to hear from you. 

Interested in being a guest on the show? I’d love to have you on.

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