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Abstract Portrait Painting with a Creative Brief

Welcome to My Abstract Portrait Painting Workshop!

Welcome to my abstract portrait painting workshop with emphasis on the creative brief! I'm Joel Wright, and today I'm excited to dive into the world of abstract portrait painting with a focus on using a creative brief. This blog post will cover the same key points from my YouTube video, providing valuable insights into how a creative brief can transform your artistic process.

What is an Abstract Portrait?

Abstract portraits are as unique as fingerprints. They go beyond merely capturing a likeness; they interpret the essence of the subject through color, composition, and technique. In my work, I blend realism with abstraction to create expressive pieces that embody the emotions and characteristics of my subjects.

You may have seen disagreements about what is an abstract portrait. I feel that the there is a unique abstract portrait painting style in each person. And that your own creativity is more important than the rigid limits of what some consider to quality as an abstract portrait.

The Importance of a Creative Brief

A creative brief is a powerful tool for artists. It provides structure and direction, helping you make key decisions before you start painting. This ensures that you have a clear vision and reduces the chances of backtracking and wasting materials. Here's how to create and use a creative brief for your abstract portraits:

  1. Select Composition References: Choose photos, models, or other references that will serve as the foundation for your painting.
  2. Define the Mood and Backstory: Decide on the mood and any backstory your painting will convey. This could be inspired by quotes, poems, archetypes, or characters from literature or film.
  3. Choose a Color Scheme: Select colors that support the mood and narrative of your piece. The right colors can evoke specific emotions and enhance the story.
  4. Determine the Level of Abstraction vs. Realism: Decide how abstract you want your portrait to be. This balance is key to creating a compelling piece.
  5. Select Painting Methods, Medium, and Substrate: These choices will significantly impact the texture and overall feel of your artwork.

Watch the Video

To see the full process in action, watch my YouTube video below where I discuss the creative brief in detail and demonstrate its application:

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Link to Resources

For more detailed guidance, check out my Creative Brief and explore my Painting Workshops. If you're specifically interested in abstract portrait painting, visit Abstract Portrait Painting Workshops.


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