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About Ashes

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Ignite your Creative Fire!

About the Artist:

Joel Wright

I continue to champion the belief that true empowerment stems from the sovereignty of your mindset, now focusing on the pivotal journey of discovering and redefining your unique artistic voice.  This course an elevation of the exploration of creativity that delves into your unique vision.In "Ashes," we advance our journey together, embracing:The nuances of personal style development,  the creation of a cohesive body of work that stands as a testament to your artistic identity,  the strategic use of mood boards to guide and refine your creative vision, the importance of individualized feedback,  nurturing your growth and confidence. Here, your immersion in the arts is more than practice; it's a transformative experience designed to crystallize your creative essence. With a focus on producing work that resonates with your core, we navigate the realms of artistic self-discovery, supported by the pillars of daily dedication, self-belief, critical thinking, and the cultivation of a space where your creativity can flourish unfettered. Join me in "Ashes: Phoenix Rising," and let's embark on this journey of rebirth, where your artistry will not just evolve but soar from the fiery flames, marking the beginning of your legacy as an artist.

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