Watercolor Tattoo Artist based in Texas

Watercolor Tattoo Artist in Texas

Joel Wright

Check out the portfolio of watercolor tattoo artist in Texas, Joel Wright. Watercolor tattoos are colorful and expressive that use abstract textures and watercolor brush strokes and effects to create a watercolor feel. Make your next watercolor tattoo a work of art. Joel Wright is openly accepting new clients that visit from all over the United States.

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Watercolor Owl Tattoo

This watercolor tattoo was completed over many sessions.


Watercolor Skull and Butterflies

This watercolor tattoo came from my tattoos I want to do page.

Watercolor Octopus Tattoo


All of my watercolor tattoos are created in my Texas based studio. This one had a huge delay because of the pandemic.

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Watercolor Tattoo Artist Joel Wright Texas Studio

Fun and Engaging Creative Process

I design your tattoo with you at my studio in Texarkana, Tx. Doing the design process in person leads to much better results.

Luxury Booking Process

Some say I have overdone the booking process. However most people love it. There is a video series and I try to answer all the FAQ people have about traveling here and what to expect for the experience.

Undivided Attention

I have a private studio and while you are here it is just for you. There aren’t onlookers or people distracting the attention from your tattoo. It’s all yours. The studio is designed for comfort and you can make yourself at home.

I am an Artist

Make no mistake, I am an artist first and that has heavily influenced my tattoo style. I try to make each tattoo a work of art. In my studio you be surrounded by my paintings and painting studio work area as well.

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2022-2023 Tattoo Hourly Rates and Tattoo Day Rates

In the spirit of complete transparency, I am listing my hourly tattoo rates and daily tattoo rates for 2022-2023. These are set in place until I reevaluate after that time period. The daily rate kicks in at 6 hours. Most sessions for large projects are about 6 hours but if we go over you will not pay more than the daily rate.

Hourly Rate


  • Minimum 2 Hour + Design Cost
  • Most Sessions 4-6 Hrs

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Daily Rate


  • Kicks in at 6 Hours
  • If you are trying to budget then this would be your target

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Latest Client feedback

What My Clients Say

I found Joel on the internet after an extensive search for the right trash polka artist. What can I say… I couldn't be more impressed by the artistic capability, the skill, the customer experience and Joel's "true tattoo sight." We spent some 10+ hours creating what I truly feel is a piece of art. Joel was extremely pleasant to work with and make conversation with throughout the entire process. He was extremely welcoming and I spent the entire session in the studio with my dog. The piece looks fantastic and is much more than I could have even imagined prior to my arrival. Joel's style is awesome, his tattooing is extremely light handed, and you can sense the passion he has for what he does. I will be back for another tattoo and another experience!

Mati Selazek

Joel is absolutely wonderful! If you’re looking for someone to stamp something on and send you on your way, keep moving. If you’re looking for an artist who takes as much pride in his work as you hope to, you’ve found the right person.
Joel has always been realistic with time/cost estimates and has never even suggested at cutting corners. The vibe in the gallery is energizing but chill. It’s a pleasure to hang there all day!

Trash Polka Rose Tattoo

Stephanie Reuter

Came here to get my tattoo done, fantastic experience overall.
Artist: Joel was an absolute pleasure to work with. You notice immediately that he puts a lot of time and dedication into his craft. He's pleasant to speak with and very personable.
Tattoo: Picture attached. I had 4 separate sessions with Joel of about 4-5 hours each. The tattoo healed up fantastically and looks just as vibrant as when it was first done.
Shop: Very inviting and spacious. It serves as both an art gallery and a tattoo parlor. Very comfortable vibe.
Overall I would more than recommend Joel if you need a Trash Polka tattoo. The best part about working with him was the entire experience/journey from the creative discussion to the execution. He's more than willing to help make your vision come to life as a tattoo, and work with you on ideas for how to stylize it. The enthusiasm is contagious and the end result is absolutely worth it.

Mario Del Rio

Joel Wright’s tattooing made me feel funny. Like climbing the rope in gym class.

Dramatic Trash Polka Picture

Ron Everest

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