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I’m excited to show you some trash polka tattoo art and design ideas that I’ve recently completed in the past year.

You can watch the trash polka tattoo art and design ideas video below or on YouTube. Alternatively l’ve included everything thats in the video in this post. There’s picks from my portfolio and video that I’ve taken during the tattoo process. Love it or hate it. It’s a style that’s really making an impact. I’ll attempt to answer some frequently asked questions about trash polka tattoos.

And last I’ll go into how I got started doing trash polka tattoos years into my tattoo career. I’m Joel Wright and my YouTube channel is Joel Wright Art and at the time of this video, it’s just taking off. And if you want to see more trash polka tattoo videos, hit the subscribe button and make sure to hit that bell.



Volcker and Simone at Bueno Vista Tattoo Club in Germany

I don’t know, Volcker and Simone at Bueno Vista Tattoo Club in Germany, but they both invented trash polka. It’s not every day that someone creates a freaking style. So I really have to respect and appreciate Simone and Volcker for creating this style has been so well adapted and they put in the time and commitment to really see this through in the beginning, it probably was challenging to get people to understand and appreciate this style that’s become so popular.

Now it’s inspired by trash, which is really just a reflection of strong graphic design collage element, and polka which is the musical inspiration experience and lifestyle of the artists. And they’ve combined these two things to form the trash polka brand so to speak.

Now, trash polka is a phrase or a terminology that they’ve coined and market, and like a certain handbag designer, you don’t have an authentic trash polka tattoo unless you get it from them



Influenced by the Trash Polka Style

The trash polka tattoos that I do or that are influenced by the trash polka tattoo art style, take on an art form of their own. It’s because each artist is going to express themselves completely differently than another. You’re going to see variations in composition and design. Artists are playing to their strengths and really doing what they excel at most.

I like to use realism with a distraction. I like to pull in some geometric shapes and forms. I really like to focus on strong use of fonts. Some artists you may see doing more traditional versions of trash polka tattoos and some artists may miss the mark altogether.

I’ve seen more failed attempts with the trash polka tattoo art style more than any other, except for watercolor those, those two you really have to do your research in selecting an artist.

Seriously, you should really do your research and check the artist’s portfolio before allowing them to do that particular style on your body.

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Generally I do this once a month because I don’t like to book too far ahead. So I select a few projects and I add those to my additional projects that are ongoing, the single most important part of doing a trash polka tattoo is the design part.

Only Possible in Person


The Most Important Part of the Process

You can expect to spend hours in the design process with printing up and collaging different elements together and putting it on the body and the 3d form, it has to be done in person. A design concept can be fleshed out a little before the appointment but when it comes to actually preparing the design, finalizing the composition, there’s no substitute for being in-person with the artist and seeing what works on the body.

It happens in three dimensions, two dimensions say like working from pics of the body, you just can’t do it all because things relate to each other and you don’t know how it’s going to wrap around certain body parts.

So how does the design process work for me? What I do is I meet with the client and we start designing. I take a picture of the area of the body that the tattoo’s going on and then start designing. After that I print up the visual images and place them on the body to see how they fit and if changes need to be made.

What areas of the body are most requested for trash polka tattoos? Sometimes it’s a full back and maybe one leg. Or the chest going down that arm, it just depends on the person and what they’re wanting. And I then start designing the elements that they’re most interested in and new elements can be added in along the way. And that’s part of the fun of the creative process is discovering what additional imagery you want in your tattoo to express the full vision.

That you’ve laid out after the design process is complete, then I make a stencil and apply that stencil. And then we strategize how we’re going to execute this composition and how many sessions it’s going to take. And generally I work on people two days in a row, sometimes three. If they have the time, it can take multiple sessions to complete a trash polka tattoo.

So just expect that there’s a big commitment needed in order to see a project all the way to the end.

This works very well


Trash Polka Works Great for Cover-ups

Can you use trash polka style for covering up older tattoos? I do believe the trash polka style is good for covering up old tattoos depending on the extensive. What you want to cover up because trash polka uses elements of ink, splatter, strong, solid shapes.

All of that really lends itself well to covering up old tattoos.

Can you fix botched trash polka tattoo art? Yes, you can fix trash polka tattoos that have been kind of missed the mark from other. It’s possible. It just depends on how bad the situation is. If it’s too bad, you can have removal sessions, but in some cases I’ve fixed trash polka tattoos that were botched and the results were amazing.

This style really takes on a life form of its own depending on the artist that’s doing it is an important factor

My History with Trash Polka


I can see the vision through Trash Polka

The way I got into doing trash polka tattoos was interesting. I was doing an abstract tattoo style because I’m also a painter. I paint an oil paint and I do large abstract paintings. And my tattoo art has always reflected that. So I did a lot of watercolor tattoos and painterly style tattoos. And I did that for years and years.

And people had asked me to do trash polka tattoos. And I said, no, I don’t do that because it’s better to focus as an artist on, you know, your niche and stick with the direction that you’re going in. And so that people know you for what you do. But I had a client that had had several tattoo sessions and he had wanted one trash polka tattoo, and he really wanted me to do it because we had developed a relationship, a friendship.

And so he wanted me to do that and I agreed to do it and oh my God, it was so much fun! | loved it! I love doing trash polka tattoo style. It’s because you get to juxtapose so many different styles together.

You’re doing realism, abstract, ink splatter, brush strokes, watercolor, textures, geometry. You can even get to throw in some traditional line work and the strong use of bold lettering and graphical elements make trash polka so much fun. It’s enjoyable from start to finish the most interesting and important time.

And I mentioned this, but it’s the design process and I spend hours doing. It’s a time where I meet with the client one-on-one and we, we figure out what elements they want in their tattoo. And we even come up with new ones during the visit. So it’s better to leave some space. To allow your artists to come up with new ideas, because they’ll always see things in their own vision in their own way of looking at the problem, come up with complex solutions that give you a tattoo that you couldn’t possibly have been that.

Sure, Why Not?


Rules can be broken but with caution

Some request to use blue instead of red and its really striking as well. It somewhat reads as trash polka tattoo but red is always going to be the most often used accent color.

Wrapping Things Up


Its One of the Most Fun Styles to Work In

I am happy to have started doing this style. I have enjoyed sharing it with you and hope that you enjoyed looking at as well. I am looking forward to doing more of these. Feed me more!

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