Supplies List for Ordering and Reordering

What I Use…

Welcome to Joel Wright Art Supplies List. Here you will find my personally created list of items I use, believe in and link to from my courses and workshops. The items listed below are products you see me using. I created this list so you can can refer back to it as often as needed and order or reorder your supplies if you enjoy using them as well. 

These are not affiliate links. I do not make a profit from the sale of these supplies. I wish I did though actually. Or at least sponsored by the brands. haha 

Oil Painting Supplies

M Graham Artists Oil Paint with walnut oil

M Graham is an outstanding oil paint. The reason I use them is that the oil medium in the paint is walnut oil. This was the very first oil used in oil paint and DiVinci used walnut oil in his paintings that are still around more than 500 years later. 

With walnut oil, you have a non-toxic base oil paint. The pigments can still be toxic however but the oil itself is safer and higher quality than other alternatives. 

Oil paints with walnut oil are much brighter than other paints!! These are professional, high quality, archival oil paints. 

  • ivory black
  • titanium white
  • burnt umber
  • burnt siena 
  • alizarin crimson
  • pyrol red
  • cadmium red 
  • cobalt blue
  • ultramarine blue
  • cadmium yellow
  • yellow ochre
  • phalo green
  • phalo blue
  • sap green

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Show bottle of M Graham Walnut Alkyd Medium

Walnut oil takes about two weeks to dry and much longer to fully cure. While this might be an advantage on some painting styles and approaches, while learning and in some cases using walnut alkyd medium is the best approach. 

Walnut Alkyd dries in 24 hours!! It is also non toxic and unlike some paint drying accelerators does not contain harmful vapors.  

This is what you use as a medium to thin your paints. It makes them flow better and extends the coverage for a thinner paint coverage. 

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