Reiki and Creative Energy Healing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing that can be used to ease pain, increase energy, and help uplift the emotional state. It can be used to help facilitate healing in a variety of ailments. It can also be used to heal your state of being in a particular area like creativity energy healing.

Reiki is an Art Form

Reiki is an art form of its own. Getting Reiki certified is just the beginning as there is much to say about continuous practice and any art form.

Reiki Healing Tree

No Belief System Required

It doesn’t require any specific belief systems and isn’t associated with a particular religion although a Buddhist monk learned this technique. Reiki is passed down from a lineage of Reiki masters that all lead back to the origin of Reiki.

My Story of Learning Reiki

I learned the Reiki techniques in order to help someone I love(d) It was too late however.

In 2015 my mother was suffering from cancer. She was trying many natural pathways to healing and was undergoing chemo and radiation. It was too late however. By the time I was certified she was already passing away.

I am very glad I did learn Reiki. I’ve been able to use in on friends and family and after many years I am offering Reiki to everyone.

I don’t always use energy healing for sicknesses. I use it for a variety of things like increasing creative energy. That is a form of healing.

Reiki Universal Healing

How I Use Reiki to Increase Creative Energy

I use Reiki for firing up my creative energy and I also infuse my art with Reiki as well. The way I do this is by having a self Reiki meditation before I create and then infusing the art itself with Reiki.

The results are pretty amazing in my experience. And it is truly something you have to experience and it varies greatly for each person. Reiki itself is a subtle universal energy or life force and a healing session may or may not be sensational. You may not feel anything at all.

It’s the results that are amazing.

Here is a link explain my services of Reiki healing if you’d like to find out more.