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Red Cardinal Print – Bird Wall Decor – Fragments of Memory Art

Original price was: $80.00.Current price is: $60.00.

  • Title: Fragments of Memory
  • Artist: Joel Wright, 2024
  • Medium: Oil on Arches Oil Paper (Prints on Epson Fine Art Hot Press Bright Paper)
  • Print Details: Archival Epson ink on Epson 7570 24″ wide format printer
  • Framed: Black Frame Included – Ready to Hang
  • Edition: Limited edition until Jan 1, 2025
  • Signature: Signed by the artist
  • Shipping: Securely shipped, 30-day return policy, replacement if damaged

Fragments of Memory

Memories spill out of the canvas with this enchanting art print. A cardinal, resplendent in its vivid plumage, perches gracefully upon an fading branch, while an aged abstract background whispers tales of day passed.

“Fragments of Memory,’ the cardinal becomes a poignant messenger, carrying fragments of our past upon its wings. “ ~ Joel Wright

The expressive artwork is meticulously proofed and printed on Arches oil paper, brought to life with vibrant color contrasts, embodying the emotional depth and symbolic significance of cardinals as celestial messengers during every season. This limited edition print, available until January 1, 2025, is signed by the artist and securely shipped with a firm 30-day return policy and promise of replacement if damaged in shipping. Let “Fragments of Memory” carry fragments of your past upon its wings.