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Ephemeral Shadows – Portrait Painting


  • Artist’s Signature: Each painting is personally signed by the artist, Joel Wright.
  • Creation Date: Painted by Joel Wright in 2023, embodying a fusion of passion and timelessness.
  • Medium & Style: Crafted using oil on a premium gallery-wrapped canvas, ensuring longevity and enduring vibrance.
  • Dimensions: Generously sized at 36×48 inches, making it a centerpiece that captivates and commands presence.
  • Shipping: Benefitting from free freight shipping, ensuring that it reaches you securely and without additional charges.
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, confirming its origin and validating its uniqueness.
  • Collection: A distinguished part of the evocative Shadow Visage Collection, embodying depth and emotional resonance.

Immerse yourself in the enigmatic beauty of “Ephemeral Shadows,” the inaugural masterpiece in the evocative Shadow Visage Collection. This captivating 36×48 oil on canvas beckons the observer into a profound narrative woven with textures of emotion and nuanced expressions.

Each stroke on this gallery-wrapped canvas tells a tale of mystery and release, where the ethereal essence of the portrait appears to dissolve into the abyss of muted tones, evoking a sense of peaceful yet dark and grounding energy. Pops of rich texture dynamically contrast against the subdued background, creating a vibrant interplay that brings the portrait subtly behind the visual forefront, adding depth and intrigue to the visage.

“Ephemeral Shadows” invites you to explore the subtle complexities hidden within its depths. Experience the emotional symphony of tranquility intertwined with mysterious undertones, allowing the spirit of the artwork to resonate with the soul, fostering a uniquely transformative visual experience.

The Shadow Visage Collection

An embodiment of artistic innovation, this piece serves as a powerful commencement to the Shadow Visage Collection, promising a journey through the emotional and ethereal landscapes of expressive portraiture.