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hummingbird - Feb 2020

You can schedule this within 90 days for $100 appointment deposit. That applies toward your tattoo when you get it.

hummingbird tattoo design


Most frequently asked questions below.

How much will it cost?

This will be 400-700 depending on size. Lower than my hourly rate.

How soon can I schedule it?

After you checkout out you are taken to my calendar and you can select a date available between now and 90 days from now.

will this tattoo be done again?

The designs that I want to do are only done once by me! If the design is an elephant, it doesn’t mean I wont do any elephant again. But not the exact one you are getting. That wouldn’t be any fun or very original.

what if I want to make changes?

You can make changes to the design. If the changes are enough to almost make it a different design, then I will consider that it’s different enough to keep this design available. I’ve designed each tattoo the way I want to do it so if it radically changes then it’s no longer my original design. 

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