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Creative Direction Planner

Creative Direction Planner Printed Booklet

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Created by Joel Wright

The Creative Direction Planner

take a peak at a few pages inside the planner!

Creative Project Planner

Creative Project Planner

Page 1:

On the inside front cover you will define you most important creative objective and predict your peak work hours for maximum productivity. 

Creative Process Tracking

Creative Process Tracking

Page 11:

Supercharge your creative productivity with creative process tracking. Stick to your main objectives while allowing creativity to be a free flowing process without the constraints or limitation of a set schedule. 

Creative Flow Tracker

Creative Flow Tracker

Page 18:

Chart how good you feel creating with the Creative Flow State Rating, Measure your Quality of Work, and time spent creating with the Creative Time Tracker

How this planner ignites your unlimited creativity... 

Creative Block: Activate your Sacred Creative Space, recharge your creative battery, ignite the Creative Fire with inspiration.

Lack of Focus: Set your Most Important Objective and Big Three + 3 x 3 supporting actions to focus on this week.

Procrastination: Get a clear direction then take small steps and achieve everything you set within the due date.

Inconsistent Output: Develop an Unbroken Creative Practice, and learn to stay motivated with Creative Process Tracking

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Sterlin Lujan

Author / Writer


Testimonial coming soon!

Yamuna Vilasini
Therapist / Life Coach


"As a jewelry artist, balancing precision and creativity is key. The Creative Direction Planner keeps me on track, ensuring I stay true to my vision while remaining open to exploration. The 'Unbroken Creative Practice' and 'Creative Process Tracker' are lifesavers for keeping the momentum and sparking new ideas with the 'Embers' section. It's not just a planner; it's part of my creative toolkit."


Jewelry Artist / Metal Smith

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Strategic methods for self directed creative materialization

Creative Direction Planner

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JOEL WRIGHT  //  Artist

Joel Wright, a self-taught artist celebrated for his independent spirit and innovative approach.

Wright has made significant strides in the arts over 25 years with his pursuit of mastery in oil paint, charcoal, and watercolor.  His work, rich with metaphysical symbolism and esoteric themes including inner alchemy, invites viewers into a mystical realm. 

Beyond his creations, Wright is a dedicated art mentor, offering online courses and workshops that emphasize artistic sovereignty and the cultivation of a personal vision through consistent practice. 

Driven by the obsession to materialize his inner visions, his art serves as a bridge to unseen worlds, embodying a commitment to exploration and understanding. Wright's philosophy champions the artist's journey towards self-discovery and creative fulfillment.



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Is the Creative Direction Planner suitable for all types of creative professionals?

Answer: Absolutely! The Creative Direction Planner is designed for creatives across all disciplines. Whether you're a writer, artist, designer, musician, or entrepreneur, our planner is versatile enough to adapt to

Can I really get a sample of the Creative Direction Planner for free?

Answer: Yes, you can! We're confident in the value our planner brings to your creative process. That's why we offer a sample planner for free; you only cover $7 for shipping. It's a great way to experience how our planner can fit into your daily routine before committing to a subscription.

What's included in the Creative Direction Planner Subscription Box?

Answer: Each month, subscribers receive four Creative Direction Planners, each tailored to support your creative endeavors throughout the month. Additionally, subscribers enjoy monthly surprise giveaways that can range from inspirational books, exclusive access to online workshops, creative tools, and more, designed to complement your creative journey.

What is "Burn: Creative Fire," and how can it benefit me?

Answer: "Burn: Creative Fire" is an in-depth course designed to help you master your creative process. It goes beyond the basics, offering strategies, insights, and actionable steps to maximize the effectiveness of your Creative Direction Planner. Whether you're looking to overcome creative blocks, find new sources of inspiration, or streamline your creative output, this course provides the tools and knowledge to achieve your goals.

How often will I receive new planners with the subscription?

Answer: With our subscription service, you'll receive four new Creative Direction Planners each month. This ensures you have a fresh planner ready for each week, allowing you to maintain a consistent and productive creative practice.

How does the Creative Direction Planner help me with my creative process?

Answer: The Creative Direction Planner is designed to enhance your creative journey by keeping you focused, organized, and inspired. With modules like setting objectives, tracking your creative process, and cultivating daily creative practices, it allows for freedom within structure. Whether you're brainstorming, executing, or reflecting, our planner offers the tools you need to stay on target while exploring your creativity fully.


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