Tattoo Booking 2020-2021

4 Modules 14 Sessions

About this course

In this short video series, you’ll be able to schedule your tattoo, know what to expect and what comes next after you have paid your invoice.

You will have access to contact me directly and we will figure out the best way to communicate for getting your artwork designed in advance of your appointment. 


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Course Structure

2 Sessions

Module 1: Scheduling Your Appointment

In module 1 I will show you my calendar that allows you to pick your own date for your tattoo appointment.

Tattoo Scheduling Calendar

Click this button to schedule.

Tattoo Calendar

Contacting Me

My Favorite mode of communication is text because I stay pretty busy. If you want to talk on the phone that we can set up a time. Just text me and we can figure that out.

Tattoo Design Artwork Timeframe

Normally I design artwork a few days in advance of the appointment. 

During this strange time I am designing artwork without a for sure tattoo appointment date. It's something to do right now and as soon as I can book again your artwork will be ready to go!

Request For You to Send Pics

I ask that you send pics of where you want the tattoo that I use during the design process. After I design your tattoo I will then photoshop the tattoo onto your body pic so you can get an idea of what it will look like on. 

Just keep in mind that photoshop isn't an exact representation of how the tattoo will look. It does give a very good idea of placement and how the composition flows with you. 

Taking Your Pics

Lighting matters more than the device or camera you use for the pics. 

5 Sessions

Module 3: Traveling to Texarkana

You are going to where, for what? Your friends and family thinks you are crazy now?

Places to Stay

Here are some place you can stay.

Places Not to Stay

Here are the places you shouldn't stay. No, seriously. 

Bring Friends and Family

Update: You can bring people with you now if you want to. I have a private studio so the numbers of people in the building are not a problem. 

Things to do in Texarkana

Ok let me list the things to do in Texarkana:

  1. hmmm

Haha, no, there are some fun things to do in and around the area.

Great Places to Eat!

We do have great places to eat! That is pretty much all we do here is eat. 

4 Sessions

Module 4: Aftercare Instructions

Here is how you take care of your tattoo after you get it. 

The Shit Stage

At some point your tattoo might look wrecked. That is dry skin, possibly scabs covering your healing tattoo. Hold strong and don't mess with it. You are almost through healing. 


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