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Old Masters Oil Painting Course - Online



Oil Painting

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About Old Masters Oil Painting Course - Online

Closed Captions

On each of the videos you will see the CC icon indicating that closed captions are available for increased accessibility. You can turn subtitles on and off by clicking that button.

Module Content

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Premium Content PreOrder Expectations

What to expect in pre-order mode.

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Premium Content Welcome and Introduction

Oil Painting Materials

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Premium Content Oil Paint

Modern brands of oil paint that have qualities and similarity to the oil paints used by the old masters in classical painting.

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Premium Content Pigments

This lesson is an introductory into learning about oil paint pigments.

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Premium Content Medium

Learn about using mediums to get more flow, speed up or slow down drying time and solvents used for under paintings and cleaning brushes.

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Premium Content Brushes

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Here you can download pdf of supply list of the materials explain in this chapter.

Oil Painting Studio

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Premium Content Studio Equipment

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Premium Content Lighting is Everything

About the Teacher

Joel Wright

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