Draw a Hummingbird in Charcoal Class

2 Modules 9 Sessions

About this course

In this online drawing class you will experience following along step by step drawing this exact hummingbird in charcoal. 

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Course Structure

1 Session

Getting Started

Learn everything you need to draw this hummingbird in charcoal. Introduce yourself and ask questions if you want!

Trace and Transfer Technique

This tracing technique guarantees you can follow along and learn to draw. 

8 Sessions

Drawing the Hummingbird

Here is the video series for drawing the hummingbird step by step.

Step One: Light LInes

In this step you will draw the light lines of the hummingbird that will guide you through the entire drawing. Most important!

Step Two: Starting Shading

In this step you will begin shading your hummingbird.

Step 3: Using the Blending Tool

In this step you will learn to use the blending tool and start to build form with light and shadow. 

Step 4: Rendering Your Hummingbird

In this step we start to render the hummingbird with more detail and darker shading. 

Step 5: Increase the Values

We venture off into darker values and give the hummingbird a darker more dramatic feel and realism. 

Step 6: Starting the Background

Starting the background and blending with a paint brush. This effect pushes the hummingbird forward. 

Step 7: The Middle Ground

Adding branches in the middle ground.

Step 8: Completing the Hummingbird

Final details and signing your work. 


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