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Cardinal Prints Joel Wright 2024

Joel Wright holding 8 x 10 Cardinal Print

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cardinal oil painting print 3
cardinal oil painting print 2
cadinal oil painting print 1

Painted by Joel Wright

The Messengers Collection

cardinal art print 1 by Joel Wright 2024

Fragments of Memory

Joel Wright 2024


8 x 10 inches 

Giclée print on Epson Hot Press Paper

cardinal art print 2 by Joel Wright 2024

The Guardians Appearance

Joel Wright 2024


8 x 10 inches 

Giclée print on Epson Hot Press Paper

cardinal art print 3 by Joel Wright 2024

Shadows of Solace

Joel Wright 2024


8 x 10 inches 

Giclée print on Epson Hot Press Paper

Messengers Collection

Presenting "The Messengers Collection" an emotionally stirring collection by Joel Wright, featuring three unique oil painting prints that encapsulate the essence of remembrance and the undying connection with lost loved ones through the symbolic presence of cardinals. 

These expressive artworks are meticulously proofed and printed on Arches oil paper and brought to life with vibrant color contrasts, embodying the emotional depth and symbolic significance of cardinals as celestial messengers during every season. The print quality capture the original paintings true to life.

The number of editions are limited by demand of the drop window, that spans from todays date to  January 1st 2025

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Why Do I Give Away FREE Prints?

Dear Art Collector,

I hope this letter finds you well. I'm thrilled to hear of your interest in my artwork and the free prints I offer. Allow me to share with you the reasoning behind this unique endeavor.

Art has always been a passion of mine, not just as a form of expression but also as a means of creating connections and sending joy. 

That's why I've chosen to offer these free prints, (with shipping and handling fees), as a way to make my art accessible to everyone.

These mini prints, part of the "Messengers" collection, are not only highly collectible and gift-able but also the most accessible pieces of my artwork.

While my originals and limited edition prints may serve as investment opportunities, the free print series holds a different purpose. 

It's about building a community, reaching more people, and sharing the beauty of art with the world.

There's a timeline attached to this offer, ending on January 1, 2025, ensuring that as many people as possible can experience the joy of owning a piece of this collection and the meaning behind it.

Specifically with the "Messengers" collection, my aim is to provide peace and inspiration to each person who receives a print.

Having experienced loss myself, I understand the profound impact that art can have on healing and comfort. If my artwork can brighten someone's life then I consider it a success.

Thank you for considering my artwork, and I look forward to sharing the beauty of the "Messengers" collection with you.

Warm regards,

Joel Wright

Testimonials from Verified Purchases

Sandy Anable

Its absolutly stunning.
The colors are spectacular.

Quality is ofcourse top notch.

Every home should be graced with at least one Joel Wright piece...but i definitely plan on more than one.

Gini Weaverling

The creativity and the softness of the art.

Top notch

Do it!! You will not be disappointed!

Jen Rushing

I love the bright, vivid colors and how the artwork looks like it could come to life at any second.

The quality is amazing. It’s going to look amazing framed. Very high quality.

I would tell them they are missing out on owning some gorgeous artwork if they don’t order. Then I’d make them jealous with mine I already have ordered 😂

Crystal Shouse

It is original from ones mind. It is so life like and naturally beautiful.

It is excellent.

Order NOW!!! You won't be disappointed.

Andrea Williamson

The peacock painting by Joel wright is incredibly rich. With an immense amount of depth. The jewel tones are so beautiful, and the detail of this painting is beyond anything expected!

These prints are phenomal. Beautifully printed on heavy weight premium paper. With a beautiful finish.

Mr. Wright's work is gorgeous and more beautifully detailed than any photographs. You will never regret a purchase of any of his pieces. These are treasures that will become hierlooms!

Jessica Autrey

It is beautiful!

It is great quality!

You should!

Raymond Martinez

It's distinctive and one of a kind!


Check him out. You will not be disappointed.

Laila Miller

The quality paper, being able to see the brushstrokes. It’s stunning

Excellent! Definitely worth it

That they are missing out. The way Joel paints and captures a moment is priceless.

Layton Lacy

I ordered the small print then upgraded to the bigger with it. A few years ago my aunt lost her son, my cousin. To them the red bird is a sign of ones they've loved watching over them. Earlier this year we lost my sister. So being able to give these to my mom and my aunt really meant a lot to both of them. That's what I loved about them.

The quality is all anyone can ask for. Everyone sees what they need to see, and I appreciate that.

They wouldn't be dissapointed. I have friends that you've worked on. And I've seen your work. Very elegant and unique

FREE 3 x 3 inch Collectable Cardinal Mini Prints

From the Messengers Collection

The mini prints are 3 inches by 3 inches and are collectable and make great gifts for you or someone you care about.

The free prints are shipped securely for $7.90 Shipping.  

Showing each of the cardinal mini prints displayed on weathered pallet wood.

3 x 3 inch Collectable Mini Prints

three original oil paintings of cardinals

Messengers collection

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Fragments of Memory Cardinal Oil Painting Print Room Display

"Fragments of Memory" 8 x 10in Print on Fine Art Paper

Fragments of Memory

Memories spill out of the canvas with this enchanting art print. A cardinal, resplendent in its vivid plumage, perches gracefully upon an fading branch, while an aged abstract background whispers tales of day passed.

"Fragments of Memory,' the cardinal becomes a poignant messenger, carrying fragments of our past upon its wings. " ~ Joel Wright

cardinal art print 1 by Joel Wright 2024

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"Guardians Appearance" 8 x 10in Print on Fine Art Paper

Guardians Appearance

Silent guardian of a loved one inside this captivating art print. An expressively painted cardinal, vibrant and alive, forages amidst an abstract gray backdrop, its presence a symbol of silent vigilance and harmony.

"In 'Guardians Appearance,' the cardinal stands as a sentinel of peace and tranquility, watching over the world with quiet resolve. Let its presence be a beacon of hope, guiding you through life's journey with grace and resilience, and reminding you of the enduring beauty found in the embrace of nature." ~ Joel Wright

Free Mini Print! 

(*Pay 7.90 Shipping)

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"Shadows of Solace" 8 x 10in Print on Fine Art PaperEdit your caption text here

Shadows of Solace

Shadows intertwine with solace in this captivating art print. A mysterious cardinal, perched amidst a darkened background, casts its gaze into the depths of the unknown.

"Within 'Shadows of Solace,' the cardinal becomes a symbol of solace amidst the darkness, offering comfort to weary souls and guiding them through the night. Let its enigmatic presence be a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is beauty to be found, and solace to be discovered in the embrace of the unknown." ~ Joel Wright

Free Mini Print! 

(*Pay 7.90 Shipping)

*Optional Upgrade in Checkout

JOEL WRIGHT  //  Artist

Joel Wright, a self-taught artist celebrated for his independent spirit and innovative approach.

Wright has made significant strides in the arts over 25 years with his pursuit of mastery in oil paint, charcoal, and watercolor.  His work, rich with metaphysical symbolism and esoteric themes including inner alchemy, invites viewers into a mystical realm. 

Beyond his creations, Wright is a dedicated art mentor, offering online courses and workshops that emphasize artistic sovereignty and the cultivation of a personal vision through consistent practice. 

Driven by the obsession to materialize his inner visions, his art serves as a bridge to unseen worlds, embodying a commitment to exploration and understanding. Wright's philosophy champions the artist's journey towards self-discovery and creative fulfillment.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by the 100% Money Back Satisfaction-Guarantee. If your print in NOT delivered in mint condition or you aren't happy with it for any reason I will refund your money. This has happened yet but sometimes the shipping is slow or things get damaged in transit and I guarantee and insure your order every single time.

Joel Wright



If you have any questions, you can explore our FAQS below. If you want to get in touch, please contact customer support

How can I verify the authenticity of a print from "The Messengers" collection?

The Messengers" collection by Joel Wright is a captivating series of paintings that pays homage to the cardinal as a symbol of lost loved ones and the enduring connections between the physical and spiritual worlds. Each piece in the collection draws from profound personal loss, embodying the essence of remembrance and the belief in cardinals as messengers from beyond.

This exclusive collection comprises 8 x 10-inch prints, accompanied by a complimentary and collectable 2.5 x 3.5-inch print, capturing the vibrant and emotional essence of the cardinal with expressive brushwork and a striking contrast of colors. Crafted on archival museum-quality materials with Epson 7500 SureColor inks, these prints promise a legacy of beauty and significance, rated for 200 years of durability.

 "The Messengers" collection will be limited by demand during the offering period, ensuring exclusivity for each collector. Joel Wright invites you to embrace this unique opportunity to own a piece of art that resonates with the heart's deepest narratives of loss, love, and the hopeful messages carried by the cardinals.

For added convenience and flexibility, collectors have the option to store their artworks in a secure vault, allowing for delayed delivery and customs duties until a desired later date. "The Messengers" is not just an art collection; it's a heartfelt invitation to connect, remember, and cherish the unseen threads that bind us to those we hold dear.

What are the dimensions of each work in "The Messengers" collection?

Each print in "The Messengers" collection measures 8 x 10 inches, meticulously created to capture the vibrant essence and emotional depth of the cardinals.

These prints are crafted on archival, museum-quality materials, ensuring their beauty and significance endure.

While each artwork comes ready for display, framing is optional and left to the collector's personal preference, allowing for a customized presentation that best suits the setting and individual taste.

What is the edition size of "The Messengers" collection?

The edition size for "The Messengers" collection is uniquely determined by both time and demand, ensuring exclusivity and personal significance for each collector.

The final size of the edition will be established based on the number of orders placed within the designated purchase window. For instance, if 150 prints are ordered during this period, the edition will be limited to those 150 prints, making each piece a rare and valued addition to any collection.

Every print in the edition is individually numbered and comes with a signature, certifying its authenticity and connection to the artist's vision.

What factors contribute to the potential appreciation in value of prints from "The Messengers" collection?

The value of prints from "The Messengers" collection is influenced by several key factors, including the limited edition nature of the series, the emotional and symbolic significance of the artwork, and the quality of the materials used.

The archival, museum-quality materials and Epson 7500 SureColor inks ensure longevity and durability, enhancing the collectibility of each print. Moreover, the artist's growing reputation and the thematic depth of the collection contribute to its potential for appreciation.

Collectors and investors are encouraged to consider the emotional and artistic value of the work, alongside market trends and the artist's career trajectory, when assessing potential appreciation.

Are there any additional costs or considerations for collectors outside of the purchase price?

For collectors considering acquiring a piece from "The Messengers" collection, it's important to note that the listed purchase price may be subject to applicable taxes, shipping, and insurance costs, depending on the collector's location.

International collectors should also consider customs duties and import taxes, which vary by country. Collectors have the option to store their artworks in a secure vault for delayed delivery, which may provide flexibility in managing these additional costs.

Detailed information on shipping, handling, and storage options is available upon request, ensuring transparency and ease in the acquisition process.

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