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art mentorship (drawing and painting) for dedicated art students.

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Oh, I don’t think I could put into words how this one little picture makes me feel the emotions overwhelming, my face gets warm and my eyes fill up.


You don’t know just how many folks these cardinals touched, to the point of tears, these two days! Thanks so much, Joel!!! I handed several out to those who lost loved ones recently!


I would so love one by mail if possible. My mother is 76 and in the hospital. She adores nature and has always fed the birds. I can't wait to give her one!!

If you have been asking about ART CLASSES with me this is for you!
Yes, I am now offering art mentorship (drawing and painting) for dedicated art students. That means art students that are serious about learning and it is a very high priority.
That is my approach to learning as well as teaching and the 15 spots I have available are for people that are very committed to reaching full potential.
Art mentorship is a blend of assignments by email, online courses and either in-person meetings once a month at my studio or zoom meetings if you aren’t located near me or simply can’t make it.
What you get 👉🏻 assignments, guidance and feedback, accountability, and a strategy for how to get consistent, how to get to the heart of your own personal creativity and develop your own style.
I teach classical drawing and painting techniques as well as more abstract, contemporary techniques which is not the normal approach.
Usually you have one or the other. I find it’s better to learn both in an alternating fashion to help increase enjoyment and creativity.

~Joel Wright 

$150 Month Subscription

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About Joel Wright

Joel Wright is primarily a contemporary oil painter, known for combining expressive abstraction with classical realistic painting techniques. Joel Wright’s paintings are hauntingly beautiful celestial that scratch the surface of the spiritual dimension.

Joel Wright is a Texas based artist that has been painting for 25 years. Joel decided it was time to reach more people by sharing art mentoring with students online and in person.

Joel Wright’s oil paintings are edgy, striking, meaningful and stirring. 

Created to stimulate your sense of magic and vision, Joel’s artworks help people reawaken inner worlds of imagination and insight. ` Sarah Wright

“Through painting we conjure inner worlds that didn’t exist before and release that into reality. The act of creating itself manifests a tangible product directly from a vision.

A painting can be perceived by anyone that looks at it resulting in a completely unique experience. Surrounding yourself with art from the deeper, subconscious mind will help manifest what you desire into your life.” ` Joel Wright


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