I help artists go from shadows of doubt to doing their best work. 

Artist Mentor: Joel Wright

Are you serious about leveling up your creative process? Becoming a better artist is all about practice and without it you'll never see improvements in skill level or productivity. Lets fix that together!

Art Mentoring

art mentorship for dedicated artists

  • Art mentorship is course based and assignments with feedback by email.
  • Accountability - Turn in your assignments and get Feedback. 
  • Online Video Course and Printable Ebook Handout
  • Supplies List and Materials Needed for the Best Outcome. 
  • Monthly Subscription - Cancel at anytime.


Joel Wright art painting and expressive portrait.

Art Mentorship

Monthly Subscription

$75 mo

$75 dollars a month - pause or cancel anytime

This commitment is your call to action. But make no mistake, I will be setting you up for success by creating a habit of a consistent creative practice. But that means you have to do the work.

And you will learn classical painting and drawing techniques that level you up in the process. 

Some of Joel's Work

Get ready to kickstart your creativity and master your drawing and painting with Joel Wright.

The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means
the only way you can fail is if you don't do the work.

You can do this and I am here to help you. 

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Before I started working with Joel Wright as my art mentor, I was often doubting my work and would go for a long time without practicing. I love art but translating that passion always felt like a struggle. Joel’s approach to mentorship really was transformative for me. He didn’t just teach techniques but he helped me with my overall approach and consistency in my artwork and my confidence.

David Braley

- Artist -

Focus: Drawing and Painting

Learn to create the art you were meant to.

Embark on a transformative journey of drawing and painting where the art you were destined to create awaits discovery. At the core of this expedition lies trust - a profound confidence in yourself as an artist. It begins with consistent practice, cultivating a sacred space where your intuition guides each stroke, and every color chosen sings a note of your unique symphony. Learn to embrace the rhythms of your creativity and unveil artworks that resonate with authenticity and passion. In the haven of trust and practice, watch as your art flourishes, narrating tales of beauty woven by the threads of your own confidence.
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Hi, I'm Joel Wright.

Are you ready to get creative right now?

I am here to foster your habit of creation — a consistent, daily practice that becomes as natural and nourishing as breathing.

It’s not merely about mastering the techniques of drawing and painting - which we will do... but it’s really more about cultivating a personal relationship with your art practice.

A creative connection that brings joy, satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment, turning your artistic process into a playground, not a battleground!

More of Joel's Work

Drawing Practice Foundation

  • the main goal

  • Mastery

  • Practice

  • final outcome

Drawing/Sketching Foundation

  • Foundational Skills: Drawing forms the foundation of classical realism. It helps in mastering the essential skills such as proportion, perspective, and anatomy, which are crucial for creating realistic artworks.
  • Understanding Light and Shadow: Through drawing, artists learn the subtle nuances of light and shadow, essential elements in achieving depth and dimension in classical realism.
  • Enhances Observation: Drawing hones observational skills, enabling artists to capture the world with heightened sensitivity and detail, a central aspect of classical realism.
  • Precision and Control: Drawing cultivates a level of precision and control in hand movements, allowing for meticulous rendering of subjects, characteristic of classical realism.

Let's Get Creative!

I can't tell you how many artists I meet that want to skip past the foundations of art and get to the fun stuff like painting. Or they go straight into rendering drawings before learning proportions and drawing structure. I am going to get you pointed in the right direction. 

Did I mention that I've tattooed for two and a half decades? I highly recommend art mentoring for both aspiring tattoo artists and seasoned pros alike.  

Art Mentoring