June 4

One Art Meditation Technique that Opens Creative Flow State


Enter art meditation.

You are about to learn about one art meditation technique to open up your personal flow state. It isn’t difficult. In fact its quite easy and fun if you allow it.

Art meditation is important because you’ve probably never tried it on purpose but it has the same benefits as every meditation technique does.  I say on purpose because the meditation aspects of art are automatically installed. You don't have to do anything special for art to become meditation.

What are the benefits of art meditation you ask? 

  • Relaxation,
  • stress reduction,
  • mood enhancement,
  • creativity expansion,
  • getting into flow state,
  • and things just don’t seam to bother you as much. 

I know this because I’ve experienced it directly most of my life. Creating art is no different than meditation. It’s until now that I am sharing this with every one on my Joel Wright Art youtube channel. 

I am going to post an art meditation video here. The guided art meditation video features oil painting in real time and relaxing spa music.

You can experience art meditation two ways. You can simply watch the video and be relaxed. Or you can follow along and do the art meditation yourself.  Watch this video below for yourself.

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What did you think? Was it relaxing? Did your thoughts drift out of focus? Here is something you should know about it. 

How to Stay Present While Practicing Art Meditation

When practicing this form of creative exercise, there are three main components to keep mindful about. 

Three Art Meditation Tips

Focus on Your Breathing

The single best way to relax and focus on what you are doing at the same time, which is the definition of being present, is to pay attention to the breath. Your breathing is the anchor point to the present moment. 

Have No Concern with the Art Outcome

Art meditation isn't about creating masterpieces. It's about letting go of expectations and going with the flow. You can open up an endless source of creativity by having now worries with how your artwork turns out. You are simply playing in the paint!

Practice Self Acceptance

Art meditation is a chance to be at peace with who you are and where you are at in life. There is no need to listen to the inner critic or insert control or perfectionism. Make this a time you can simply be enough right now.


Playing in a zen garden while my thoughts dissolved  many years ago gave me such a sense of peace. And it gave me that familiar feeling that I get when I am creating art. I realized then that the connection of meditation and creative practice are similar. 

I teach art classes, and yoga, and I've realized how the two can work together so well that I decided to unify them in a form of art yoga. 

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