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Joel Painting an Abstract

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Learning the methods in the The Artist's Course will grant you artistic superpowers. Learn this first.

The Artist's Course

9 Artistic Methods for Creative Breakthrough

This is the book course companion and is the most popular entry point into learning to cultivate your creative nature.  Bring in more creativity into your life

Old Masters Oil Painting Course -Online

Modern Approach to Classical Painting

Learn oil painting techniques of the old masters from beginner to advanced. 

Abstract Painting Techniques

Abstract Art Demo Video Series

Elevate your abstract art painting techniques and composition secrets that will seriously increase the depth and expressiveness of your abstract art. 

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Watercolor Lessons with Joel Wright

Get immediate access to the entire watercolor video lesson library of Joel Wright. Monthly new video lessons, assignments and exercises are added. Learn to flow with watercolor and enjoy this most popular medium.

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Drawing Lessons with Joel Wright

Get immediate access to the entire drawing video lesson library of Joel Wright. Each month new video lessons, exercises and assignments are added. Learn the valuable skill of drawing and see how it much it improves your artwork.

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Save money when you get all three memberships in one. Learn each medium and get access to the bonus material. Get Watercolor class online, drawing class online and oil painting class online – all in one easy membership.